Look, no filters!

Bong doing what Bong does best!

Isn’t she lovely!

Music reminds us of the good ol’ days

Dear Diary . . . .

We all know this pinch!


Just like when the edibles kick in, SMACK!

I love my bong!

The side effects of politics and ignorance

Holy crap, what a great coffee mug! Get yours NOW!

Waking and baking with my best friend bong! Join us, won’t you?

Getting you higher lower on the dial!
KPOT 420 AM Public Radio

KPOT 420 AM Public Radio
Getting you higher lower on the dial

Marijuana is your catalyst for success!

Comic Strip

BAM! Have a bong hit!

The Mushrooms know what’s going on!

Super Doobie and Bong out righting wrongs!

Just say no to this!

No explanation needed.

Happy Halloween you crazy stoners!

Inquire within!

Why aliens come to Earth!

Calling in sick to work today

It’s in your hands! Legalize it!

We roll big joints too!

Free your mind!

My friend (and yours!) Bong, getting his smoke on!

We have our own record label! Let the music begin.

Super Doobie’s Break-Out Rap Single

“Better Than This”

Eye Bong Weed

Something we all have in common!

Drug Awareness Education at my high school!

Super Doobie and Bong after waking and baking!

My buds are just wild today!

This is how a Super Doobie is born!